We are very proud to announce that a new release of our tool grimm is now available on github. As usual, grimm is fully open-source and its code is reusable without any restriction. Please ask us any question on grimm. We would be happy to help you.

New features

  • Changing the way of giving input parameters: now grimm creates a pre-filled .params file in which you give: meta-model, root class, OCL file, generation parameters (quick mode or configuration file), number of desired solutions, output format type (xmi or dot).
  • 4 simple command line options: help (h or help), parameters File creation (p or parameter), configuration file creation (c or config) and generation of models (g or generation).
  • Generation of several solutions in one solver call (number of solutions is specified in .params file)
  • Basic Fault Localization based on a system of Exceptions (not found meta-model, config file, OCl file , CSP solver, etc)
  • Reorganization of the source code: javadoc, creation of new packages.

Download link